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Sivapithecus indicus Cast Replica Skull #BH-024

Sivapithecus indicus Cast Replica Skull #BH-024

-Size: 5&½"L x 4&½"W x 6"H

-Species: Sivapithecus indicus

-Notes: This 12.5-8.5 million year old Sivapithecus indicus skull was discovered in 1979 by D. Pilbeam and S.M. Ibrahim Shah on the Potwar Plateau, Pakistan. This specimen consists of a nearly complete mandible (with complete dentition) and the left side of the face. The facial characteristics of Sivapithecus suggest a very orangutan-like appearance; however, characteristics in the dentition, such as thick enamel on the molars, point to similarities to early hominids. Recent study of postcranial remains indicates that Sivapithecus was not entirely orang-like. In recreating this important Late Miocene specimen, every effort was made to preserve all details, colors and accurate measurements. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

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