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Homo erectus 1/2 scale Model Skull #KAM-05

Homo erectus 1/2 scale Model Skull #KAM-05

-Size: 3&¾"L x 2&½"W x 3"H 

-Species: Homo erectus 

-Notes: This 1:2 scale Homo erectus skull is a wonderfully detailed miniature, sculpted by Steve Wagner. This is one skull from a set of 7 (KAM-SET-7). Portable, durable and precise, these skulls are great for quick and easy primate and hominid comparison. Each skull comes with its own identification card, attached by a cord, as well as additional printed reference material. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw). Please allow up to 1 week for processing time with cast replicas as most of these items are made to order. Thank you for your understanding.

THIS ITEM CAN NOT BE SENT OUTSIDE OF THE USA (unless grouped together with multiple purchases).

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