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Paranthropus boisei (OH 5) Cast Replica Skull #BH-015

Paranthropus boisei (OH 5) Cast Replica Skull #BH-015

Size: 7¾"L x 6¼"W x 6¾"H

-Species: Paranthropus boisei

-Notes: This 1.8 million year old Paranthropus boisei skull, is the most famous fossil from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. OH 5 was discovered by Mary Leakey in 1959 and originally classified as Zinjanthropus boisei by Louis Leakey in Nature later that year. The accepted genus name was later changed to Australopithecus, and finally Paranthropus. This discovery spurred paleoanthropology toward a modern, multidisciplinary approach, and focused paleoanthropologists' attention on East Africa. Unique in hominid evolution, P. boisei's massive skull features a wide, concave face, enormous, flat molars (about 4 times as big as modern H. sapiens) and cranial adaptations for powerful chewing, hence its nickname, Nutcracker Man. Note the sagittal crest and extremely large area for muscle attachments on the zygomatic arch. The thick jaw allowed for the species' exceptional chewing capabilities. Cranial capacity of this individual is 530 cc.

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