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Lizard Skull (Komodo Dragon) Cast Replica - Varanus komodoensis #BC-027

Lizard Skull (Komodo Dragon) Cast Replica - Varanus komodoensis #BC-027

-Size: 8&¾"L x 4&½"W x 3&¼"H

-Species: Varanus komodoensis

-Notes: Komodo dragons are the heaviest and longest of the world's lizards growing to a length of 10 feet and weighing upwards of 300 pounds. Their skulls are very similar to the extinct aquatic reptiles known as mosasaurs. Mosasaurs and monitor lizards are not closely related but belong to the subclass Diapsida with origins about 300 m.y.a. during the late Carboniferous Period. Monitor lizards are related to Lepidosauria, which emerged near the end of the Paleozoic 250 m.y.a. The genus Varanus first appeared 40 m.y.a in Asia. They migrated to Australia when it collided with Southeast Asia about 15 m.y.a. A second lineage evolved and moved throughout Australia and the Indonesian archipelago approximately 12 m.y.a. This lineage retains a prominent presence today. The Komodo dragon differentiated from its earliest Australian ancestors about 4 m.y.a.. They were able to migrate to their present range on the Indonesian islands of Flores, Rinca and Gila Motang and finally to Komodo Island about 10,000 to 20,000 years ago, when sea levels were lower during the last ice age. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

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