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Lemur Skull (Sifaka) Cast Replica - Propithecus verreauxi #BC-284

Lemur Skull (Sifaka) Cast Replica - Propithecus verreauxi #BC-284

-Size: 3"L x 2&¼"W x 2&½"H

-Species: Priopithecus verreauxi

-Notes: The sifaka is an endangered species (threatened by deforestation) endemic to Madagascar, home to dozens of lemur species. Propithecus verreauxi comprises four subspecies, all of which share beautiful white fur but with distinctive markings. Some extinct species were possibly much larger than those alive today. The sifaka is among the largest extant lemur, measuring up to 18 inches long, with an equally long tail, and weighing between 7 and 13 pounds. This arboreal primate is able to jump 30 feet with its powerful hind legs. An herbivore, it prefers a diet of leaves, flowers, bark and fruit. The fossil record shows that lemur-like primates first appeared about 60 million years ago in Africa and shortly made their way to Madagascar. Monkeys first appeared approximately 40 million years afterward and by that time Madagascar had floated too far away from the African mainland for them to make the trip. The lemurs, which evolved in isolation on Madagascar, are, then, related to older primate species. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

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