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Lemur Skull (Indri) Cast Replica - Indri indri #BC-282

Lemur Skull (Indri) Cast Replica - Indri indri #BC-282

-Size: 4”L x 2&1/2”W x 2&1/2”H

-Species: Indri indri

-Notes: The indri, like all other lemurs, is endemic to Madagascar. The largest of the prosimians, the Indri may reach a weight of about 29 pounds and a length of 4 feet (with its legs extended). It is easily distinguished from other large species by its vestigial tail. It is also known for its striking vocalizations. While most prosimians are nocturnal, the arboreal Indri sleeps at night high in the trees. During the day it feeds on leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The indri lives in small family groups with a dominant female, her mate and their two or three offspring. It is considered sacred (one myth has it being a brother to the first human) by the local traditional population but is considered endangered as a result of habitat loss. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

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