Hyaena Skull (Spotted Hyena) Cast Replica - Crocuta crocuta #BC-032 | Darwin and Wallace: A Nature & Fossil Store
Hyaena Skull (Spotted Hyena) Cast Replica - Crocuta crocuta #BC-032

Hyaena Skull (Spotted Hyena) Cast Replica - Crocuta crocuta #BC-032

-Size: 11"L x 7"W x 6½"H

-Species: Crocuta crocuta

-Notes: Hyenas are a felid-like animal that resides in the savannas, grasslands, woodlands, and even mountains in sub-Saharan Africa. This female specimen is that of a spotted hyena, who are significantly larger and more aggressive than their male counterparts. While hyenas may not look like cats, they have interesting skull morphology that has led scientists to classify them as a felid-like animal, a feliform. All feliforms have short noses, specialized meat shearing teeth (carnassials), and double chambered auditory bullae (bony capsules that hold the inner and middle ear). Hyenas have these features as well as behaving in similar ways as cats, in terms of grooming, scent marking, mating and parental behavior. Although they are scavengers, they can also hunt in packs. 2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

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