Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon 1) Cast Replica Skull with Jaw #BH-017-C | Darwin and Wallace: A Nature & Fossil Store
Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon 1) Cast Replica Skull with Jaw #BH-017-C

Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon 1) Cast Replica Skull with Jaw #BH-017-C

Size: 8½"L x 6"W x 7½"H

-Species: Homo sapiens

-Notes: This 32,000-30,000 year old Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon 1) cranium was discovered by French geologist Louis Lartet and Henry Christy on a limestone cliff in 1868 (during the construction of railway lines in Les-Eyzies, France). Cro-Magnon, meaning "big cliff," represents the earliest modern humans from Western Europe. Classic modern human features include a large brain capacity (over 1600 cc), shortened face with rectangular eye sockets, a high forehead, hollowed cheekbones, and noticeable chin. Many feel Cro-Magnon is more similar in appearance to modern Africans than modern Europeans, suggesting that this population came from Africa or Asia. This individual was one of four adults found, with an estimated age of less than 50 years old and assumed to be male. 

Please allow up to 1 week for processing time with cast replicas as most of these items are made to order. Thank you for your understanding.

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