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Homo ergaster (KNM-ER 3733) Cast Replica Skull #BH-011

Homo ergaster (KNM-ER 3733) Cast Replica Skull #BH-011

Size: 7½"L x 5"W x 5½"H

-Species: Homo ergaster

-Notes: This 1.75 million year old Homo ergaster cranium (KNM-ER 3733) was discovered by Bernard Ngeneo in 1975 in Koobi Fora, Kenya, and described by Richard Leakey in Nature in 1976. Several teeth are intact, but no mandible was ever found.

Of great significance is the fact that this skull was found in the same sediment layer that A. boisei (KNM-ER 406) had been six years earlier, adding to the evidence against the single species hypothesis, the notion that only one hominid species existed at any time in history. Also known as Homo erectus, (KNM-ER 3733) is said to be very similar in appearance to the H. erectus finds of Peking, China, with a cranial capacity of 850 cc, keeling of the cranium and the presence of an occipital torus. Gracile features, wear on teeth and closure of cranial sutures suggest this individual was a mature female.

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