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First Entry: Who we are & what to expect

Posted on April 13, 2017 by Stacy Trenary

Welcome to the official Travel Journal of Darwin and Wallace: A Nature & Fossil Store. My name is Stacy Trenary, and I am the owner and founder of Darwin and Wallace. A little background about myself: I'm a native Texan transplanted to Florida, both of which I consider home. My passion for nature started (like so many young children) with a love for dinosaurs, which are still my favorite animals. From dinosaurs my interests expanded to other prehistoric animals, then modern animals, then peoples and cultures, which is reflected in my Anthropology degree from the University of Central Florida. When traveling, opportunity is always made to visit the closest zoo, aquarium, and museum. I have fortunately found a partner in this passion with my wife Audra, whose face you will see frequently with mine in these entries and photos. We hope you enjoy these entries as much as we enjoy living them.


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