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Theropod Fossils: Predatory Dinosaurs & Birds

        Theropods are the clade of dinosaurs that comprise all carnivorous species (though some would later adapt herbivory), as well as all birds. The two main physical characteristics of theropods are the possession of a furcula, or "wishbone", as well as a foot with three toes planted on the ground for locomotion. The word "theropod" translates to "beast foot," a term invented by American paleontologist O.C. Marsh in 1881. The first theropod to be scientifically described was Megalosaurus, named in 1824 by geologist William Buckland. The first theropods known, such as Eodromaeus, date to the Late Triassic period approximately 230 million years ago. Of all the varieties of dinosaur that ever existed, only the branch of theropod dinosaurs known as birds survived the Cretaceous extinction event approximately 66 million years ago. Today birds have radiated into numerous forms and niches, and makeup close to 10,000 different species.

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