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Paleo-Taxidermy: Eosinopteryx

with REAL Feathers

-Prehistoric Dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period, Asia-
1:1 Scale Full-Body Mount

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"I teach high school biology, and I really wanted to show my students something that they had truly never seen before. Being a big time dinosaur fan myself (as well as a stickler for accuracy), I went online to find something unique and surely found it when I discovered Darwin and Wallace's custom prehistoric creatures. I really wanted a fully feathered dinosaur to show my students, and I was greatly surprised when I found out that they used real non-endangered bird feathers! My kids were blown away by what a REAL dinosaur looks like. In between our lessons on prehistory and dinosaurs, my Eosinopteryx has a nice perch in our home. Thank you Darwin and Wallace!" 

Michelle P.
Knoxville, Tennessee
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