Paleo-Taxidermy: Anchiornis | Darwin and Wallace: A Nature & Fossil Store

Paleo-Taxidermy: Anchiornis

with REAL Feathers and ACTUAL Colors

-Prehistoric Dinosaur of the Jurassic Period, Madagascar-
1:1 Scale Full-Body Mount

Actual shots from within the home of Sergio K.

"My house is outfitted as a massive trophy room. I have everything from African antelope, bighorn sheep, zebra, buffalo, etc, but I was looking for some big game that I knew none of my friends or colleagues had seen before. When I discovered that I could have my own dinosaur made through Darwin and Wallace, I jumped at the opportunity! Not having any background dinosaur knowledge myself, I was really impressed with the technical insight they provided. I'm thoroughly happy with my new trophy, and it was a great feeling seeing my friends' jaws drop when they first saw it!"

Sergio K.
Dallas, Texas

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