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  Are you a Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, Science Center, Business, School, College, or Home-owner?

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        At Darwin and Wallace we offer the unique service of Paleo-Taxidermy, where we can bring any prehistoric creature that you desire into your home, business, or educational center! This process involves creating unique sculptures that are so life-like, every admirer will think they're real. Do you need a dinosaur for your museum? An ichthyosaur for your aquarium? A prehistoric head-mount for your home or man-cave? We can make it, and you'll love the authentic quality and realism that we provide.

Please read on to learn how our service can work for you:

-What is the benefit of owning and displaying a Paleo-Taxidermy piece?

        Any educational facility, business, or home-owner can benefit from Paleo-Taxidermy. Like all products we offer, our main goal is to provide education. Through the realism and accuracy that we provide, our sculptures can open a doorway to questions and discovery in people young and old that most "art" cannot. A strong visual is everything when it comes to education. Whereas several patrons might walk right by the plaque that describes a museum specimen, they will never walk right by something that they can truly be in awe of. With our background in natural history and the latest scientific discoveries, you can be assured of a piece that everyone will indeed find awe-inspiring.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -What is a Paleo-Taxidermy piece made of and how will it look?

        Most pieces are made of apoxy, foam, wood, and paint. The use of foam makes the piece very light-weight, and therefore easy to hang for a wall sculpture (such as a "trophy" head-mount), or for moving from one location to another. Color and pattern schemes are taken from today's analogues of nature, along with some variance to make them unique. Our artists are also trained in the age-old field of taxidermy (as well as paleontology) and can therefore provide a completely natural look for your  piece. While we will always provide guidance for you on how best to create your piece, it is ultimately your own creation, and we will input any color, pattern, posture, or changes that you desire.  

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      Though we do have Paleo-Taxidermy available to purchase on Darwin and Wallace right now, most pieces that we create are made by commission, and are tailor-made to your specific requests. Please call or e-mail for a price quote on your own exclusively made piece, as well as for any questions you may have or guidance that you may need in order to help bring your Dinosaur or other prehistoric creature back to life today!
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