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Tyrannosaur Fossils


     The predatory dinosaur clade known as the Tyrannosauroids may have started out small (such as the 6’+ long Dilong), but they would ultimately evolve into predatory giants, including the famous Tyrannosaurus rex. One of the earliest tyrannosauroids known is Guanlong of Jurassic China, approximately 161-156 million years ago. Guanlong, like other early tyrannosauroids, was different from later tyrannosaurs. It sported a head-crest, had three fingers, and was small by comparison (almost 10’ long) to its later cousins, which would eventually become two-fingered, crestless, and huge. The tyrannosauroids would spread throughout Laurasia (the northern hemisphere) and continue to grow in size and species, eventually dominating the niche of super-predator wherever they went. The gigantic Tyrannosaurus could reach lengths of 39-41,' and would be one of the last non-avian dinosaurs on the planet.

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