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Spinosaur Fossils


Genus: Spinosaurus (“Spine Lizard”)

 Age: Early-Late Cretaceous Period, 112-90 million years ago

 Location: Northern Africa

             Spinosaurus is currently the largest known carnivorous dinosaur, with the latest scientific estimates putting this behemoth at approximately 53’-56’ long! Spinosaurus and its kin were very different from most carnivorous dinosaurs, exhibiting long arms with large claws, and a long crocodilian-like skull. Evidence suggests that Spinosaurus would use its claws and teeth for piscivory (fish-eating), though its gigantic size would probably allow it to tackle dinosaur-prey as well. The most striking feature of this animal however, is the enormous 5’ sail that ran along the animal’s back. The first remains of Spinosaurus were discovered in Egypt in 1912, and described by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer. Unfortunately Stromer’s Spinosaurus remains would later be destroyed in a bombing campaign in Germany during World War II. Though rare, more Spinosaurus remains have been found throughout northern Africa since, and this previously obscure dinosaur would become a household name amongst dinosaur-enthusiasts when it was made the main-villain dinosaur in the film Jurassic Park III.

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