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"Morocco Raptor" Fossils


Genus: No official genus or species has been named at this time

Age: Early-Late Cretaceous Period, 112-94 million years ago

Location: Morocco, Africa

            The enigmatic “Morocco Raptor” (also known as the “North African Raptor”) has remained in the shadows of paleontology for many years now, and has produced very little evidence of its existence with the exception of teeth. In fact, raptors (or Dromaeosaurs as they are scientifically known) have very little presence in Africa at all, with only the diminutive Rahonavis of Madagascar being the only officially named and documented species. Unfortunately, many in the retail fossil market have done a large disservice to those whom collect these fossils, as they have largely been misrepresented as the Moroccan theropod Deltadromeus. Some vendors will even refer to Deltadromeus as a type of dromaeosaur (presumably out of convenience and/or ignorance), though the two are not even closely related (Deltadromeus is regarded as a primitive ceratosaur). Truthfully we cannot even accurately attribute teeth to Deltadromeus, as a skull of this dinosaur has not even been discovered yet! Perhaps the worst offense however, is the use of the completely fictional name “Deltadromaeosaurus,” which is an unfortunate amalgamation of the genus names Deltadromeus and Dromaeosaurus. It is very possible that these teeth may even represent more than one species of raptor, but until more skeletal material is discovered, we can only guess.

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