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Allosaur Fossils



     The Allosauroids are a clade of predatory dinosaurs that spanned across the globe from the Middle Jurassic period to the beginning of the Late Cretaceous period. The clade consists of four known families including the Metriacanthosaurs (mid-sized Eurasian varieties), the Carcharodontosaurs (the largest members), the Neovenatorids (the smallest and most gracile) and the Allosaurs (though the Megaraptorids may turn out to be a part of this clade as well). The allosaurs include one of the most famous species of theropods of all time, Allosaurus, of which hunted other well-known dinosaurs like Stegosaurus across western North America (and possibly Portugal and Tanzania as well) during the Late Jurassic period. The largest members of the clade include giants such as Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Mapusaurus, all of which grew larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. Unifying characteristics of the Allosauroids include narrow skulls (sometimes adorned with lacrimal horns), large orbits, three-fingered hands with large claws, and specific modifications of the legs and pelvis. Though they were a long-lived and very successful clade of theropods, the Allosauroids would eventually be replaced with the later-evolved Abelisaurs and Tyrannosaurs.

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